Student Marketeer (Music) - University of Wollongong

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Company: Red Bull
Category: Management Occupations
Published on 2021-08-03 19:16:38

The face of the Red Bull brand and are our product ambassadors both on & off campus. The purpose of their job is 3 fold: approach consumers driving positive product trial, awareness and help establish Red Bull consumption in different moments of need; support our sales teams through sales drives, merchandising and other sales support activities; and work at Red Bull events to help ensure an unforgettable consumer experience with the brand. Our Student Marketeers are an instrumental part of the organization, as the eyes and ears on the ground and on campus that listen to how consumers perceive our brand and our product, who share these insights with the broader business to support future ideas and opportunities. In particular this is done within the Music sphere locally in Wollongong and requires management, sourcing and building relationships with local opinion leaders, artists and culturally significant partners to drive the music program on and off campus.


Areas that play to your strengths

All the responsibilities we'll trust you with:

  • Represent the brand in a premium way through everyday interactions with consumers, on campus, at events and on digital channels.

    Work at Red Bull events and selected supported events to help ensure an unforgettable consumer experience with the brand.

  • Applicant should be linked into local music and culture scene, having networks and connections with local artists and opinion leaders

    Be aware of muisc and dance culture and subcultures shifts and changes, understand how Red Bull as a brand can integrate credibly into these, both at university and off campus

    Passion for arts as an industry, with clearly demonstrated experience in the area

  • Know your city, campus and region, understand our target group and use this knowledge to plan missions aimed at growing our user base.

    Contribute to new and exciting sampling missions by providing local insights, trends and overall opportunities both on & off campus.

    Plan and report sampling activities via the dedicated online platform in a timely manner and with accuracy.

  • Use your intimate campus knowledge to create exciting marketing and sales initiatives to bring our brand to life on campus.

    Connect with influential students, societies and key stakeholders to integrate the brand credibly in key university moments.

  • Support Sales departments in various sales support activities in order to excite the trade, stimulate sales and keep Red Bull top of mind in sales accounts.

    Build distribution and visibility during dedicated sales missions.

    Be accurate and detailed in reporting and contribute to smart planning of sales support activities.


    Your areas of knowledge and expertise

    that matter most for this role:

  • Valid and clean driving license
  • Excellent communication skills with a charismatic and outgoing personality - a love for life! 
  • Highly approachable, social and outgoing with the ability to relate to different people
  • Entrepreneurial, autonomous and a self starter that works independently and in teams well
  • Top notch time management and organizational skills
  • Enthusiastic, energetic and positive attitude
  • Highly committed, professional and a great team player
  • Sales experience advantageous
  • Currently undertaking tertiary study
  • Proficient verbal and written english
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